Client Tools

VGR Insite Logo

Submit and approve your files online

vgrInsite is an enterprise class pdf submission portal that automates prepress proofing through an internet browser. Participants bypass processes by directly submitting, commenting, and approving pdf files without human interaction.

VGR Connect Logo

Automate delivery, deadlines, and more

vgrConnect is a secure document portal that allows workgroups to pass and store media 24/7. Clients may automate file delivery, monitor deadlines, and interact with document manufacturing processes. 

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Order from anywhere around the globe

vgrEmarket is a broad service portal that supports global order entry for warehouse product shipping. A customer or their end users may place orders online or even place orders on the behalf of others.

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Confidentialy upload files to VGR

vgrUpload is a user friendly upload site for sending files. This solution requires a username and password.