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Where global sustainability begins at home

By continually improving the efficiency of our equipment and processes, VGR is able to deliver eco-friendly solutions that lower energy consumption, decrease manufacturing time, and reduce waste — all of which minimize negative impact on the environment while providing significant savings for you and your customers. 

Where diversity drives innovation

VGR’s unique HUBZone certification allows us to foster positive social and economic change in the surrounding community by providing jobs to those who need them most. In addition to meeting your diversity spend goals, partnering with VGR gives your company a strong and competitive advantage in a marketplace dominated by ever-changing customer needs.

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Where best practices make perfect sense

Through the utilization of ISO and LEAN manufacturing practices, VGR is able to manage redundancy, improve lead-times, and boost productivity. This strategic optimization of equipment and personnel allows us to better focus on quality control, ensuring your business is equipped to easily and effectively handle any challenge. 

Where your security is our top priority

In addition to video surveillance and zoned access control, VGR maintains a private cloud for security while utilizing SOC 2 Type 2 certified colocations for disaster recovery and business continuity. The implementation of these and other necessary safeguards not only provides peace of mind to your customer base but instills confidence in your stakeholders as well.

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Where compliance meets peace of mind

In order to meet the manufacturing challenges of today’s increasingly complex regulatory landscape, it is imperative to maintain a clear and comprehensive compliance strategy. This simple yet vital philosophy is reflected in every facet of VGR, allowing us to deliver higher-quality products and greater value.