Supply Chain Solutions

Instruction manuals. Product sheets. Fold-outs. Multi-lingual booklets. Labels.

Throw-in’s. JIT 2. MOQ.

You face significant challenges from your competition and must partner with firms that have a keen understanding of the manufacturing processes. Production lines must never go without product, but you demand cost controls that come from reduced inventories and obsolescence.

Sounds daunting!

Since 1985, V.G. Reed & Sons has successfully partnered with Fortune 500 industry leaders in large appliance, small appliance, soft goods, and consumer electronics manufacturers world-wide.

We achieve outstanding results in reducing product obsolescence, while providing turnkey solutions in traditional offset and digital printing.

Our unique solutions are geared toward providing clients options that will reduce order quantities and faster deliveries, while leveraging the world-wide web to manage our portion of the supply chain process. We believe in “lean manufacturing” and automated processes that spur continuous improvement throughout our organization which, in turn, leads to innovation and cost containment.  

From V.G. Reed & Sons, you will receive:

Unparalleled knowledge of the manufacturing industries.
A centralized supplier with easy access to all parts of the United States and parts of Mexico.
Fulfillment and logistics expertise that is unsurpassed in the industry.
A redundant equipment base that allows for very rapid turnaround of projects, large and small.
We will work with you to:

Eliminate obsolescence and scrap
Update specifications
Reduce Inventory
Consolidate SKU's and part numbers
Redesign pieces for maximum efficiency
Automate Invoicing processes